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Best Thrift Stores in Garland, TX

The Mansions at Spring Creek, Garland, TX  Visit one of these great thrift stores this month and discover all kinds of cool second-hand treasures. We've also got a few thrift shopping tips to help you out.

Thrift shopping can be an exciting adventure! You never know what kind of cool things you will find. The Mansions at Spring Creek Blog is sharing a few thrifting tips as well as highlighting the best thrift stores here in Garland, Tx in today’s post.


Thrift Shopping Tips

  1. Set a budget before you head out. Maybe consider bringing a set amount of cash, so that you aren’t tempted to go over your budget.

  2. Inspect for wear and tear, stains, and other insights into the condition of the item before purchasing it.

  3. Spend some time combing through every section. You never know when or where you will strike gold!


Best Thrift Stores


Tin Lizard Thrift and Antiques (9 mins away)

If you are looking for anything vintage, antique, strange, or unique, this is the place to go! They have a wide assortment of unique and unusual items that you won’t find anywhere else.


Texas Thrift (12 mins away)

From the website: Texas Thrift, City Thrift and Music City Thrift are a family of thrift stores providing a huge array of unique, high quality gently used merchandise at prices far below retail.  Our stores average 25,000 square feet and are clean and well lit with attractive fixtures and cheerful, experienced retail professionals.  Stores are professionally merchandised with items neatly organized by department, product category, size and color. Departments for men, women and children and other merchandise categories are prominently marked to enable the entire family to easily locate their desired shopping area.  Our product offerings include clothes and shoes with an unlimited possibility of brands as well as furniture, electronics, books, jewelry, household items and décor which combine to create a treasure hunt shopping experience.


Family Thrift Center (13 mins away)

Here you will find thousands of ever changing used clothing items from popular brands at discount prices. They also carry a variety of household items, toys and books. Family Thrift works with Charity Clothing Pickup to support local charities. Read their great reviews on Yelp!


Urban Thrift (13 mins away)

From the website: Urban Thrift is a thrift store in the heart of Lake Highlands in Dallas, TX.  As one of the only thrift stores in the immediate community, we pride ourselves on community involvement, donations to local organizations, a homegrown philosophy of business, and an all around family-friendly atmosphere.


What are your best thrift shopping tips? Share them with our apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading our post. Happy Thrifting!