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Making the Most of Your Balcony


The Mansions at Spring Creek, Garland, TX  Put your beautiful balcony/patio space to good use with our tips in today's blog post. Transform this space into something incredible!

Balcony space is probably one of the most underutilized spaces of most apartments. Make your balcony a fun and lively hangout place to relax, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your apartment. The Mansions at Spring Creek Blog is featuring some great ideas in today’s post to bring your balcony to life and make it a fun place to hangout.



Add some life and color to your patio/balcony space with a potted plant or two. You could even add a few hanging plants if you wish. Not sure what plants are best? Take a look at this post from Balcony Garden Web about the best plants for a balcony garden. You could even go all out and turn your entire balcony into a luscious, lively garden!



Depending on how much space your balcony and the plants there allow, you can still give yourself room to kick back and relax on your balcony. As you should do with all your furniture choices, measure out how much space you have available and see what you can do with it. Choose pieces that you love and that fit your purposes. You may only need a stool for gardening, or you may want a hammock, chair, or bench. IKEA has all sorts of outdoor furniture options you can browse through.


Wall Decor

The blank space of your patio wall could be a great space to display items you wouldn’t necessarily hang inside, like a kite collection to add a splash of color, your favorite fishing rod and net, a string of lights, or colorful tapestries. The way you incorporate these and other items into your balcony can really make it feel like a home (just steps) away from home, so come up with some ideas and see what you can do!


Patterned Rug

Add a patterned rug to cover up that boring gray concrete and bring some pizzazz to your patio! has a great selection and so does Just make sure you measure your patio first to make sure you get the perfect sized rug.


Attached balcony/patio space are just one of the many wonderful amenities offered at our Garland, TX apartment community. We invite all of our residents to enjoy and make the most of all of our available amenities. Thanks for reading our post!