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Summer Hiking Tips


The Mansions at Spring Creek, Garland, TX  Planning on going hiking this summer? Read our hiking tips before you hit the trails to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Hiking and spending time outside during the summertime is a great way to work on your tan and explore the beauty of nature surrounding Garland, TX. Get out of your apartment and spend some time appreciating nature this month. The Mansions at Spring Creek Blog sharing a few hiking tips in today’s post to help you make the most of your hiking experience.


Stay hydrated.

Water is vital to your mental and physical health — and to keep you alive, of course! Keep plenty on hand for your hike (or even for after, if you’re taking a short, easy walk) to keep the energy levels high. Your body needs a steady intake of more water, even more than you might think is necessary, because you’re losing plenty when you go to the restroom and as you sweat. So keep refueling and refilling your water bottle. It will cool you down, too!


Snack it up.

Avoid over-exerting yourself on a hike by keeping a small supply of snacks on hand — especially if your hike is pretty long. Healthy snacks like trail mix and granola bars can tide you over until you’re finished with your hike and ready for a full meal. Just keep them properly sealed in a plastic bag so no melted chocolate escapes into your backpack.


Research your route.

Choose a route based on the appropriate skill level for you. Be aware of the length of the hike, but don’t get too caught up in that. It’s always ok to stop and turn around before you’ve reached the destination. Know your limits, know where you are (keep a compass handy), bring along a friend to share in the fun, and tell anyone else you trust when to expect you back. While you’re there, bask in the beauty and let yourself enjoy the journey.


Dress the part.

Feeling comfortable and ready for the great outdoors starts with a great outfit! As you prepare, remember important factors like the weather, changes in body temperature according to where you’re hiking and for how long, the range of motion your clothes allow you, and personal comfort. If you’re heading somewhere you might get cooler, layer up! Determine whether your hiking trail warrants hiking boots or whether some good sneakers may do the trick. And bring along a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh sunburns.


What additional hiking tips/suggestions would you add to our post? Share them with us and the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment on this post.